Are Jack Russells Affectionate?

Are Jack Russells Affectionate?

Nothing beats the love that you get from your dog. When you arrive home from work they display all kinds of affection, and when you wake up in the morning they can’t wait to greet you (and possibly lick your face).

But, if you’re looking at getting a Jack Russell you might be wondering if they are affectionate dogs. Will they give you the love back that you give to them?

Join me as I take a look.

Are Jack Russells Affectionate?

Yes, Jack Russells are incredibly affectionate dogs because they are energetic, always happy to see you, and have lots of love to give back, making them a great addition to any household. They love their owners dearly and will always protect them and be loyal towards them as well.

How Jack Russells Show Affection

So we’ve already established that Jack Russells are affectionate dogs. Let’s have a look at how they will show affection towards you. This well help you to tell if your Jack Russell loves you.

1.) Tail Wagging

This is quite obvious, but just like other dogs, if your Jack Russell’s tail is wagging from side to side when he sees you then it means he is happy to see you.

2.) Cuddling

They just love to cuddle, so when you’re sitting down and your pup jumps into your arms or lays in your arms when you’re in bed, then it is a sign of affection.

3.) Licking You

Not all dog owners like this, but your Jack Russell will show affection by licking your hand, or sometimes your face when he wants to show his love for you.

4.) Staring

When a Jack Russell is staring at you then it means that he loves you, and although they cannot speak, it is their way of saying “I love you”.

5.) Following You

My Jack Russell, Charlie does this often. She will follow me around the house wherever I go, and while this can be a sign of separation anxiety, it can also be a sign of affection.

6.) Jumping Up

Jack Russells will often jump up on you when you walk into the house, or into another room if you’ve been away for a while. They are excited to see you and this is a way for them to show affection.

7.) Separation Anxiety

Jack Russells don’t like to be left alone for too long, and it is because they miss you and want to be near you at all times.

8.) Checking Up

If I’ve been in another room for some time, Charlie will come to look for me to see if I’m still around. It’s her way of checking up with me to make sure that I’m close to her.

9.) They Get Jealous

If you have other pets in your home and you give them attention, then your Jack Russell might get jealous and try to get your attention. This is just because they love you and they want to show their affection to you.

Are Jack Russells Lap Dogs?

I have 3 Jack Russells at home and they would often take turns to sit on my lap whenever I’m sitting down to watch some TV. So yes, Jack Russells are lap dogs and they love to be close to you as often as they can. They love to be held so they have no problem jumping into your arms as you are sitting down. It’s fairly obvious as well that they love to cuddle as well.

Are Jack Russells Loyal To Their Owners?

As I mentioned earlier, Jack Russells are very loyal to their owners. So much so that they will often pick one person in your household and get attached to that one specific person. They will often display their loyalty by showing affection towards you, and obviously, they will protect you if they sense that you are in any danger.


Jack Russells are extremely affectionate dogs and they will always give you the love back that you give to them. They show their affection in various ways like cuddling with you, licking you, wagging their tails when they see you, and staring at you.

They would also sometimes pick someone in your household and get attached to that specific person. Being loyal and protecting that person is just their way of showing affection.

Hopefully, now you should be able to tell if your Jack Russell loves you. Which I’m sure he does.


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