Are Jack Russells Good Guard Dogs?

are jack russells good guard dogs

Dogs are an awesome addition to any home, and Jack Russell Terriers are no exception. These guys may be small but they’re fierce, alert, and full of personality.

This article is going to introduce you to all the reasons why these dogs make such great guard dogs: from their quick reflexes to their keen sense of hearing and sight.

Let’s get right into it.

Are Jack Russells Good Guard Dogs?

Yes, Jack Russells are good guard dogs because they are alert, full of energy, and very protective of their owners. Their personality brings with it the willingness to learn and do what they are told and, while they are small, their physical abilities ensure that they are very capable of being good guard dogs.

Having a Jack Russell is like having a personal security system, except you don’t have to pay any monthly fees or worry about hidden costs. They’re also excellent companions, which means you get the best of both worlds.

Why Are Jack Russells Good Guard Dogs?

Ok, so we know that these furry creatures can be good guard dogs. But why exactly?

Let’s have a look.

1.) They are very alert

You generally don’t have to worry about your Jack Russell becoming complacent when it comes to watching over your home. These dogs are always on point, and their sharp senses and high energy level ensure that they don’t miss anything.

All 3 of my Jack Russells respond immediately when someone rings the doorbell, if a car approaches the gate, and they will even start to bark when I sneak to the fridge for a midnight snack during the night.

2.) They are very protective of their owners

Jack Russells are a breed that is known for their high level of commitment to the people they love, and this includes their family.

When it comes to protecting you, they won’t hold back. These dogs are very brave and they won’t shy away from a fight if it means protecting you from an intruder.

3.) They have an endless supply of energy

Jack Russell Terriers are very active and their energy level allows them to be excellent guard dogs. They are always alert, ready for action, and keen to run around the yard.

These dogs are also highly active: they love to play, chase balls or frisbees in the backyard and they also get a huge amount of exercise during the day.

4.) They’re intelligent dogs

These dogs are highly intelligent and quick-learning, which makes them great guard dogs because their ability to pay attention means that they can easily be trained. These dogs are good at learning manners and they also pick up on their owners’ responses very quickly and are incredibly smart.

5.) They’re not afraid to bite

Jack Russell Terriers are not afraid to put their bite where it counts. They will readily make a stand when they feel their owners are in danger, and while they don’t want to hurt anyone, they will defend what is theirs.

6.) They can hear very good

Jack Russells have very good hearing, and this helps them to do their job as guard dogs. These dogs can hear a car pull up outside or footsteps in the yard, and then they will alert you.

This is especially helpful when you are at home alone because it means you won’t be taken by surprise if someone approaches your property.

7.) They can see very good

Jack Russell Terriers have sharp eyesight and they don’t miss a thing. These dogs can easily be alerted to anything happening, even at night: when someone approaches your property they will bark to let you know that someone is out there.

8.) They are very agile

Jack Russell Terriers are very agile: this is why these dogs are so good for guarding homes. Since they can move quickly enough, their ability to keep up with intruders makes it more difficult for them to get past the security fence.

Their agile legs and big powerful muscles also help them to jump over fences or run fast when needed.

9.) They are fearless

Jack Russell Terriers are daring, which means that they are fearless when it comes to protecting their owners. They are extremely loyal and will fight for you with everything they have.

They have an incredible amount of courage and if the need arises, they will not hesitate to bite a dangerous intruder.

10.) They are territorial

Jack Russells are known for their territorial nature and this is an excellent characteristic if you want a dog that will scare off intruders. These dogs have a deep sense of loyalty to their territory and they will protect it, so having a Jack Russell Terrier around your home means that your property is much more secure.

11.) They are very strong

These dogs are very strong and they have a powerful bite, which is helpful when you need to scare an intruder away. They can give off a very intimidating presence and even though they don’t want to hurt someone, their strength is enough to make anyone think twice before coming onto your property.

12.) They have great stamina

If an intruder does make it past your Jack Russell’s security system, then their strong legs and sturdiness will ensure that they get back to their owners quickly in order to protect them from danger.

These dogs love being active and when it comes to running around they can go for a long time without getting tired. This helps them live up to their reputation as excellent guard dogs because of their stamina level.

13.) They don’t bark at everything

Jack Russell Terriers are known for being very vocal, but this is the exception rather than the rule. They bark at all sorts of things, but this isn’t always because something is happening.

A lot of the time the Jack Russell Terrier’s barks come from a need to communicate with you and let you know that something is going on in their environment.


Jack Russells are very good guard dogs because they have a number of characteristics that make them an alert and protective canine.
Their willingness to learn and high level of energy allows them to be very quick learners, they don’t mind putting their bite where it counts and they’re not afraid to fight when needed.

If you’re looking for a dog who will keep your family safe, then I highly recommend a Jack Russell Terrier. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of these dogs and you’ll be able to trust them to take care of your family.


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