Are Jack Russells Good With Kids?

are jack russells good with kids
Written by Joe
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The Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred to hunt foxes and rodents. They have a high prey drive and can be very energetic, which means they may not be good with children.

However, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all Jack Russells as the temperament of your dog depends on several factors including genetics, how socialized they are as puppies, and early experiences while growing up.

Are Jack Russells good with kids?

Jack Russell Terriers are good with kids when they’re raised with them. This means if you’re thinking about getting a dog, it can be worth introducing it to your kids from an early age so they know each other well.

Be careful not to put too much strain on the puppy as they will need time to grow up and develop into a healthy adult dog.

Introducing your Jack Russell to kids

If you want to introduce your Jack Russell to children, take them out for a walk together so they can sniff each other and become familiar with each other before introducing the kids. Even if your Jack Russell doesn’t like kids, it may be worth the effort as many dogs do not respond well to strangers.

Socializing with kids

Socializing your Jack Russell as a puppy makes them easier to deal with when they’re older. You can teach the dog some basic obedience commands like sit, stay, and come as well as how to play with toys and retrieve them. This will also help to build your bond with the dog. As the dog ages, you can help them to get used to a variety of new experiences and people, including children.

Playtime with kids

Jack Russells are very active dogs that love playing games like fetch and catch. If you have children in the house, they can also play ball games with the dog or get along just fine with a good game of hide-and-seek where they can watch over their puppies. Jack Russell Terriers are highly intelligent dogs that learn quickly, so they’re bound to enjoy learning new tricks as well.

Puppies and young children

A puppy isn’t going to be able to keep up with little kids, so you may want to wait until a Jack Russell Terrier is around 18 months old before introducing them. Keep an eye on the dog and child so they don’t get too excited and accidentally knock over the dog or cause it pain by stepping on their paws.

Older children and teenagers can often play safely with Jack Russell puppies provided they are watched over by a parent. Avoid letting kids play rough with newborn puppies as it can cause damage to your dog.

Prevent problems before they start

It’s important that you don’t put your puppy in a situation where they could be hurt by a child. As mentioned above, Jack Russell Terriers are highly energetic dogs and this can make them more likely to chase after children or not be good with them. This means it’s particularly important that you take them out for walks from an early age and don’t leave them alone with kids.

Understanding the Jack Russell Terrier temperament will help you keep your dog safe while playing with children. Take the time to socialize your dog, get training, and keep an eye on them when you introduce them to children. This should help you to find a good balance between your dog and the kids.

Training your Jack Russell to be good around kids

Jack Russell Terriers can have a variety of personalities, however, many times individuals who are considering adopting a Jack Russell are concerned with her behavior around children. With the help of some behavioral modification and training tactics, it’s possible to raise a well-behaved, good-natured Jack Russell that is able to be around children without causing any harm.

1. Toys

You can train your Jack Russell to show affection by bringing them toys that the child finds appealing and rewarding them for playing with the toy.

2. Schedule

Jack Russells are very active dogs and require regular exercise to keep them satisfied. The best way to handle this is to take them out for walks or throw a ball around with them daily. This will strengthen the bond between your dog and the kids and keep your dog from getting over-excited when kids try to play with it.

3. Make friends

You can teach your Jack Russell how to act around all kinds of children, including babies, by enrolling them in a puppy training class. Here, they can learn basic obedience commands that will help you control them in any situation and also get some socialization with other dogs and kids.

4. Keep them safe

To avoid accidents, you should never leave a Jack Russell Terrier alone with children. This is particularly important if the dog is young as they can be more easily hurt by kids. If you’re worried about a child hurting your dog, you can put them in a playpen in the living area.

However, make sure that it is large enough for the dog to move around safely. The Jack Russell Terrier may get bored and try to escape from the playpen so it’s worth investing in some toys that are appealing and interesting for dogs to play with which will help keep them occupied when left alone with kids too.

5. Set rules

If you have a young child, it’s important to set up some basic rules for them to follow around the dog. Avoid allowing a young child to hug or pat the dog by themselves as they may hurt the dog or cause them discomfort. Make sure they know how to pet gently and introduce your dog to situations where they may be uncomfortable, like children watching television, gradually so that your Jack Russell gets used to them over time.

6. Teach them to sit

Teach your Jack Russell to sit before you introduce them to children. This will help them calm down and settle down when they’re around their new playmates. This also allows the kids to handle your dog more safely, making them more comfortable as they are able to pick up a pup if it becomes frightened.

7. Teach them to recall

Once your Jack Russell knows how to sit, teach them how to recall him or her back into the house. This is a useful skill for older dogs that may have a tendency to wander or cause trouble when left alone with children, but it’s also a good way for you to get some more exercise in with him or her while playing with the kids too.

8. Give them plenty of exercise

Jack Russell Terriers love to play and can get very excited by children. This means you should give your dog plenty of time to run and play with you and get some exercise before bringing them home or leaving your dog with kids. This will help him or her to settle down around the little ones.


Jack Russell Terriers can be great dogs to have around kids as long as they are raised and socialized properly. Introducing them to your kids from an early age will help give a good foundation for a good relationship between them as adults.

If you’re looking for a smaller dog to have around kids, a Jack Russell is worth considering.

However, it’s important to remember that your dog will react differently depending on how early they were introduced to the kids and their past experiences while growing up.

There is no exact formula for a good dog-kid relationship and every situation is unique, so be sure to think about the best way to introduce your dog around children based on their temperament.


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Hey, I'm Joe. I'm a web developer, photographer, and most importantly, a fan of Jack Russell Terriers. I own 3 of these amazing, energetic, and loving furry creatures. Join me as I explore the wonderful world of our favorite furry friends.



Hey, I'm Joe. I'm a web developer, photographer, and most importantly, a fan of Jack Russell Terriers. I own 3 of these amazing, energetic, and loving furry creatures. Join me as I explore the wonderful world of our favorite furry friends.