Are Jackapoos Aggressive?

Are Jackapoos Aggressive?

When adopting a new pup, you have to make sure that he will be a good fit for your home and that he will have a proper living environment. It is also important that he gets along with other pets in your home, and if you have children, that he gets along with them as well.

In this article we will have a look at Jackapoos and whether or not they are aggressive. A Jackapoo is a mix between a Jack Russell and a Poodle, and it is a well-known fact that Jack Russells are not aggressive by nature, but that they can get aggressive in certain situations.

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Are Jackapoos Aggressive?

Jackapoos are not aggressive by nature, however, they might display aggressive behavior when they are frightened, anxious, bored, or when they don’t get regular exercise. Just as a Jack Russell, this mixed breed has a high prey drive and they can show aggressive behavior towards small animals and will try to chase them. They are not aggressive towards people and children in general, and they make excellent family dogs.

Why A Jackapoo Can Be Aggressive

As mentioned, Jackapoos are not known to be aggressive, but they might display aggressive behavior in certain situations. Let’s have a look.

1.) They Are Frightened

As with many dogs, a Jackapoo can display aggressive behavior when he is frightened. My Jack Russell, Nestle, will sometimes be aggressive when she gets scared by loud noises like thunder, or when there are too many things going on in my home like when I have a lot of guests over.

2.) Lack Of Exercise

A lack of exercise is the root cause of many unwanted behaviors in Jackapoos. And when it comes to aggression, it is most often the case that your Jackapoo is not getting his daily exercise. They get bored and frustrated because they are not able to get rid of all that pent-up energy, and this can lead to aggressive behavior.

3.) Presence Of A Small Pet

Jack Russells have a high prey drive, and Jackapoos are no different. They like to chase small animals and will often display aggressive behavior if they are not properly socialized with them from a younger age.

4.) They Are Possessive Of Their Owners

Jackapoos are extremely loyal dogs and are very devoted to their owners. They will do anything to protect them from any danger, and this can often manifest itself as aggressive behavior.

5.) Not Properly Socialized

Any dog that is not properly socialized from a young age might display unwanted behavior when he is faced with a situation that he is not used to, or comfortable with. Sometimes, they will display aggressive behavior in these types of situations, and Jackapoos are no different.

If you adopt a Jackapoo puppy, make sure to properly introduce him to other pets in your family, and if you have children, make sure that he gets used to them too.

6.) Unsuitable Living Environment

Jackapoos have high energy levels and they need regular walks or playtime outside to get rid of that energy. If you keep a Jackapoo in a small living space such as an apartment, then he might start to display unwanted aggressive behavior.

How To Prevent A Jackapoo From Being Aggressive

There are a few things that you can do if you notice that your Jackapoo is starting to get aggressive. Let’s have a look.

1.) Identify The Problem

As mentioned, Jackapoos are not aggressive dogs, but they can be aggressive in certain situations. The first thing you have to do is to establish why they are being aggressive, and then address the situation.

2.) Give Him Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will do wonders for your furry friend. Make sure that you take him for a walk on a daily basis, or play with him in the backyard. This will keep him from getting bored and being aggressive.

3.) Social Him Properly

It is crucial that you introduce your pup to other pets and humans in your household when he is still a puppy. This will make sure that he gets used to them from an early age, and he will be comfortable being around them.

4.) Control His Living Environment

If you have small pets in your home, or if you have a very busy household, then it is important that you make sure that your Jackapoo can handle it. Socialize him with the small pets when he is a puppy, and make sure he is comfortable or occupied when you have guests over. If you have other dogs, take care that your Jackapoo does not feel threatened by them, especially when feeding them.

5.) Don’t Leave Him Alone For Long

Jackapoos have separation anxiety and they don’t like to be left alone for long periods at a time otherwise they can get bored or aggressive. If you have to go to work during the day, make sure you ask someone to check in on your pup when you are away.


Jackapoos are loving and loyal dogs, and they make excellent family dogs. They adore children and they will adore the members of your household.

But, they might be aggressive in certain situations. This is quite normal behavior for dogs in general, and it is not a behavior that is associated with Jackapoos specifically.

If your Jackapoo is being aggressive, identify the cause of this type of behavior and follow the tips that I outlined above.


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