Can Dogs Eat Jelly Beans?

Can Dogs Eat Jelly Beans?

As a dog parent, you try your best not to feed your dog anything that can cause harm. But, accidents happen, and sometimes they manage to eat something they should not eat.

I refrain from giving my dogs any kind of candy, but sometimes the kids would leave an open bag of candy on the bed or sofa, and then my dogs would get to it.

My kids are crazy about jelly beans, and this made me wonder, can dogs eat jelly beans?

Let’s have a look.

No, dogs should not eat jelly beans because they contain sugar, colorings, artificial ingredients, and caffeine. Sugar-free jelly beans should also be avoided because they contain an artificial sweetener called Xylitol which is toxic to dogs. Due to their small size, one should also consider jelly beans as a choking hazard for smaller dogs.

The Dangers That Jelly Beans Pose To Dogs

Let’s have a look at why you should avoid letting your dog eat jelly beans in a bit more detail.


Sugar is not toxic to dogs, however, when it is consumed in large quantities, it can be harmful to dogs. Too much sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in dogs, so it is best to avoid feeding your dog sugar-rich food, like jelly beans.


It is a well-known fact that dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans are. While humans can handle caffeine fairly well, dogs can’t. Even a small amount of caffeine can be fatal for smaller dogs, so please take extra care to avoid giving your dog anything with caffeine in it.


Xylitol can be found in many sugar-free foods, including sugar-free jelly beans. Xylitol is a substitute for sugar, and while that does sound like a good thing, it is actually very toxic for dogs and should be avoided at all costs.

Choking Hazard

I briefly mentioned this earlier, but if you have a small dog then a jelly bean can potentially be a choking hazard when eaten. Jelly beans are small and slippery and they can easily get stuck in your pup’s throat.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Jelly Beans

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes our furry friends get their paws on things that they should not eat. No matter how hard we try to prevent it.

If your dog has eaten one or two normal jelly beans, then he will probably end up with an upset stomach, if anything at all.

On the other hand, if your furry friend has consumed sugar-free jelly beans then you should contact a vet immediately. Keep an eye on him and look out for any symptoms like vomiting, drooling, or diarrhea, as these are signs of toxicity.

As a general rule, whenever my dog has eaten anything that he should not have eaten, I consult with a vet immediately even if my pup is not showing any symptoms of toxicity. Rather play it safe.

Can Dogs Eat Black Licorice Jelly Beans?

Licorice can be bad for dogs when consumed in large amounts, so avoid letting your dog eat black licorice jelly beans. Apart from their licorice contents, they also contain sugar, colorings, artificial ingredients, and even caffeine. As discussed, these ingredients are bad for dogs.

Can Dogs Have Jelly?

Dogs can technically eat jelly, but I would advise you to refrain from feeding it to your dog. Jelly, just like jelly beans, contains sugar and other artificial ingredients that can be bad for a dog’s health. Jelly can also contain ingredients such as Xylitol, which is known to cause a dog’s blood sugar level and blood pressure to drop.


Hopefully, now you have a pretty good idea about jelly beans and why you should keep your dog away from them.

Jelly beans contain sugar, colorings, artificial ingredients, and caffeine and these ingredients can cause your pup to become ill. Sugar-free jelly beans contain Xylitol which is very toxic to dogs. So don’t think that sugar-free jelly beans are a healthier option for dogs.

If your furry friend has eaten one or two normal jelly beans, then keep a close eye on him. But if you notice that he is showing signs of toxicity like vomiting, drooling, or diarrhea, then speak with a vet immediately.

If he has eaten sugar-free jelly beans, make sure to speak to a vet as a matter of urgency.


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