Can Jack Russells Eat Bread?

can jack russell eat bread

Bread in its many forms is nothing new to us. From sliced French bread to whole wheat pita, all the way to stale bread sitting in the corner of the kitchen cupboard.

Jack Russells eat bread in various circumstances, from a few nibbles here and there to eating an entire loaf or more. So where does the confusion lie? Are Jack Russells supposed to eat bread or not?

Can Jack Russell Eat Bread?

Yes, Jack Russells can eat bread, but only in moderation and only certain types of bread. Bread is not the most nutritious or healthy food for dogs in general, and a healthier substitute should be fed to your Jack Russell instead.

How much bread can a Jack Russell eat?

If you have to feed bread to your Jack Russell, make sure that it doesn’t exceed 5% of his regular meal. The reason for this is that bread contains a lot of carbs, and that can cause your dog to put on weight if not given in moderation.

What is the best type of bread to feed Jack Russells?

Keep in mind that some kinds of bread are more preferable than others. The best bread for Jack Russells is none other than whole-grain or white bread – they contain protein and fiber, both substances highly essential for a dog’s diet.

Risks of Feeding Bread to Jack Russells

Jack Russells are small dogs, so they don’t need to eat a lot of food. They do need a wide variety of nutrients though.

Please realize, too, that Jack Russells can be very sensitive to certain foods, so it is best to use caution and not feed your dog anything you are not sure about.

Most importantly, while Jack Russells can have bread as a treat occasionally, it should only be used as a small part of their diet. That way there’s no chance that your dog will become overweight or unhealthy.

Some bread contain toxic ingredients that are dangerous for dogs. Obviously, the ingredients can make your dog very ill if consumed in large quantities or over a long period of time.

Let’s take a look at these toxic ingredients in some bread.

1.) Garlic

Garlic, while tasty for humans, is not good for dogs. Garlic contains allicin which can be toxic to dogs. If eaten by a dog it can cause excessive panting, abdominal pain, and vomiting. A dog might also experience weakness and collapse.

These symptoms appear 30 minutes or so after ingesting garlic and the severity of the illness depends on the amount ingested and the size of the dog.

2.) Xylitol

If you’ve never heard of xylitol, it is a naturally occurring alcohol sugar substitute that is growing in popularity. The majority of xylitol is used as an artificial sweetener in things like sugar-free gum and baked goods, though recently you can find xylitol in brands of peanut butter as well.

While harmless to humans, xylitol is toxic to dogs – and many other animals.

3.) Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds have long been human favorites. Not only are they delicious but they’re also good for you. They provide “good fats” that are important for brain health, energy, and overall health.

However, these high-fat foods aren’t good for dogs. They can cause vomiting, diarrhea, gas, and pancreatitis in pets if eaten in excess. In fact, over 50 percent of cases of pancreatitis in dogs are caused by eating nuts.

4.) Raisins

One of the biggest reasons we see dogs visit the vet for diarrhea and vomiting is because of diet. I’m sure plenty of times you’ve heard that you shouldn’t feed your dog grapes or chocolate.

Most people know that raisins are not good for dogs. You may have even heard of raisin toxicity, which can be very dangerous for your pet. Chronic signs are vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of coordination.

Will bread settle my dog’s stomach?

If your dog throws up once or twice, but otherwise seems to be normal, give him a slice of bread. Give it to him plain and don’t let him have any other food until that morning so the bread is the last thing he digests. The bread should help settle his stomach so he won’t throw up again.

If it does, great!

If it doesn’t, take your Jack Russell to the vet immediately.


Overall, Jack Russells can eat bread, but only in moderation and only certain types of bread. Some are very toxic to dogs while others are safe to feed to your furry friend.

Be sure to give them bread as a treat only, and make sure that it doesn’t exceed 5% of their diet.


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