Do Jack Russells Need Haircuts?

Do Jack Russells Need Haircuts?

I have 3 Jack Russells at home and I have never had to cut their hair. I’m very thankful for this because they don’t really like being groomed and having their nails cut, and I fear that a haircut will not be well received as well.

But, I’ve been wondering. Do Jack Russells need haircuts and do all Jack Russells have the same type of hair?

Join me as I take a look.

Do Jack Russells Need Haircuts?

Jack Russells generally don’t need haircuts, especially those with smooth coats because their hair only grows to a certain length. Broken or rough-coated Jack Russells have longer hair and generally speaking, they don’t need haircuts as well but their hair can be trimmed in certain areas if necessary.

What Type Of Coat Does A Jack Russell Have?

You might not be aware of this, but Jack Russells come with 3 different types of coats and each one has different grooming requirements. The three different types of coats are:

  • Smooth Coats
  • Broken Coats
  • Rough Coats

Let’s have a look at these coats in more detail.

Smooth Coats

Smooth Coat

My Jack Russells all have smooth coats, and luckily this means that grooming maintenance is lower. Smooth-coated Jack Russells have short hair that grows close to their bodies, and their hair only grows a certain length.

Broken & Rough Coats

Rough & Broken Coat

Broken & rough-coated Jack Russells have coarse, long hair which means that their grooming needs are higher than those with smooth coats. This is because dirt and other debris can get trapped in their hair.

As mentioned, Jack Russells with a broken or rough coat do not need a haircut, but you can trim the hair around their faces and their paws and toes if needed.

If you do decide to trim your pup’s hair, use blunt scissors when you’re cutting the hair around his face. You can make use of thinning scissors to trim the hair around his paws, toes, and even his tail is necessary.

How Often Should A Jack Russell Be Groomed?


As I mentioned, smooth-coated Jack Russells do not need as much grooming as broken & rough-coated Jack Russells. A few brushings with a FURminator per week will do the trick.

Broken and rough-coated Jack Russells are a different story, and ideally, their coats should be stripped twice a year. Stripping involves removing all of the dead hair that didn’t shed naturally by means of a stripping knife. You can perform this process yourself at home, but many people prefer to leave it to the professionals.

Can A Jack Russell Have Long Hair?

Yes, a Jack Russell can have long hair if he has a broken or rough coat. Broken or rough-coated Jack Russells have longer hair compared to smooth-coated Jack Russells, and their hair is generally wiry and can grow up to 2 inches long.

Do Jack Russells Shed?


Yes, Jack Russells shed and like all dogs, they have an undercoat and a topcoat. Their hair can be shed in large clumps, especially at or before their seasonal shedding times (winter to spring). In the summer, their coats are lighter and they shed less.

Jack Russells with smooth, broken, and rough coats all shed, and it is recommended to brush their coats a few times a week to limit shedding. A bath with dog shampoo every 4 to 6 weeks is also recommended not only to combat shedding but to keep your furry friend’s coat in top condition.


As you can see, Jack Russells don’t actually need haircuts, but this will depend on your Jack Russell’s coat.

If you have a smooth-coated Jack Russell then all you have to do is to brush his coat every now and again. The same can be said for a broken or rough-coated Jack Russell, however, you can trim the hair around their faces and paws every now and again if required.

Broken and rough-coated Jack Russells require a bit more grooming and I recommend that you remove dead hair from their coats at least twice a year. This process is called stripping and it is done using a stripping knife. You can do this at home, but many Jack Russell owners prefer to have it done by a professional.

Keeping your furry friend’s coat in top condition should be a priority regardless of his type of coat. Brush his coat regularly and wash it with dog shampoo every 4 to 6 weeks.


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