Facts About Jack Russell Terriers

facts about jack russell terriers

Jack Russell terriers are one of the most popular breeds of dog in Britain. This breed was named after the Reverend John Russell, a church minister, who first bred this dog to participate in fox hunting.

Jack Russel Terriers are an active, energetic breed that has an instinctive desire to hunt and play games such as chasing and throwing balls along with vigorous jumping capability. They are best suited for families wanting a dog that is loving, playful yet tough enough to hunt vermin, dig holes or jump through yards.

Here are few facts you may not have known about this breed of dog.

19 Facts About Jack Russell Terriers That You Didn’t Know

1. They can jump up to 5 feet high

Jack Russell Terriers can jump as high as five feet. They also have high levels of stamina and endurance, which would have come in handy when they needed to chase down their prey over a long distance.

2. They can run at high speeds

Though they weigh only 14-18 pounds, Jack Russell terriers can run at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. This speed allows them to keep up with any prey they are chasing.

3. They can have a lifespan of 16 years or more

A Jack Russell terrier can have a lifespan of 16 years or more, which is one of the reasons these dogs are so popular – their owners and families get considerable time from them before needing to find another pet to love.

4. They are great with children

These pups are known as “family dogs” because they get along well with children and families. They do have a mind of their own, which means they still need to be trained in the ways of society, but they adjust well to family life.

6. Variety of different sizes and colors

Jack Russell terriers come in a wide variety of different sizes and colors, giving them a unique flair that stands out from other breeds. This is also one reason why these pups are so popular – many people want to match up their dogs with other breeds.

7. They are extremely intelligent dogs

Jack Russell terriers are known to be highly intelligent, which is why so many owners and families choose this breed of dog. They are also very playful – another reason people choose this breed of dog.

8. They have a strong bond with their owners

Jack Russell terriers often bond with their families because of their intelligence and playfulness. Since they are so active, these pups need company all of the time, which is why they love to bond with owners.

9. They have a very sensitive nature

While many people think it is great that Jack Russell terriers are playful and intelligent, they can also be extremely sensitive to other issues.

For example, these dogs are known to be very sensitive to noise – something that can sometimes make them aggressive if certain noises keep disturbing them.

10. They like to chase small animals

Before they are trained, many Jack Russell terriers will want to chase other animals, such as squirrels. It is important for owners to train their dogs from a young age so that they can get the attention they need without causing a lot of havoc for other animals.

11. They are known to be hyper dogs

Many Jack Russell terriers will need a lot of training so that they do not continue their behavior of being hyperactive.

Of course, some dogs just like to run around and play with toys, so it is important for owners to find a balance between keeping the dog busy and making sure that he or she does not destroy anything in the house while playing.

12. They are susceptible to arthritis and dental issues

Jack Russell terriers are susceptible to both arthritis and dental issues, so it is important for owners to brush his or her dog’s teeth regularly and keep track of any health concerns in order to treat them before they become worse.

Arthritis is a problem that often develops into other sicknesses, so it needs to be monitored closely.

13. They can burrow underground to wait for prey

Jack Russell terriers have been known to be able to burrow underground and wait for their prey, which is one way these dogs show their intelligence and ability to hunt.

14. They shed a lot

It is important for owners to brush Jack Russell Terriers every day or every other day in order to prevent hair from building up all over the house (and on their clothes).

Although these little pups are known for their intelligence and playful nature, they also shed a lot of hair.

15. They come in three main coat types: broken, rough, and smooth

Jack Russell Terriers come in two main coat types: smooth and rough. The coat of a Jack Russell Terrier may be broken, rough, or smooth coats; in any case, the smooth coat has the least amount of hair and is considered to be the show standard.

16. They grow up to be around 15 inches tall and 18 pounds in weight

Jack Russell Terriers generally weigh between 14-18 pounds and reach 15 inches in height.

17. They are great for bringing with you if you go hiking or camping

Jack Russell Terriers make excellent hiking companions because they need to walk around on a daily basis in order to be happy. These dogs are energetic and, since they enjoy being outdoors, make fabulous hiking companions.

18. They are fantastic swimmers

Jack Russell Terriers love to swim, so they are great for those who enjoy swimming or who have pools in their homes. Jack Russell Terriers can be trained to swim, which makes them fantastic pets for those who live near lakes and oceans.

19. They don’t like being left alone

Jack Russell Terriers do not like being left alone for long periods of time, making them the perfect companion dogs for someone looking for a furry best friend that never leaves their side.

This is why many owners purchase two Jack Russell Terriers – one male and one female – in order to keep one another company while their other owner is away at work or school.


Jack Russell terriers have an energetic, yet very attractive and very intelligent nature. If you are thinking about bringing a Jack Russell terrier home, it is important to learn a lot of facts about them to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Those who want to have Jack Russells should be aware of what they need before jumping into this decision.


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