Hemp Oil For Dogs

hemp oil for dogs

Dietary supplements are essential in today’s world. The daunting task of balancing your dog’s dietary needs with the complicated world out there is a challenge, which is why supplements are becoming more popular.

One such supplement that is quickly gaining popularity for its health benefits is hemp oil. But just what is hemp oil? Is it okay to give it to your pet? How much should you give to your pet?

Let’s have a look.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds and stalks of the industrial hemp plant, a variety of Cannabis Sativa that does not have any psychoactive properties.

The industrialized hemp plant contains only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what causes the psychological effects commonly associated with cannabis usage. So you can rest assured it won’t get your furry friend high.

The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s) in hemp oil allows it to serve a wide variety of health-related purposes.

Benefits of hemp oil for dogs

Hemp oil has been touted for its nutritional value, but with a name like that, it can also come as a surprise to hear that the oil is used in pet nutrition. The truth is hemp seed oil is being included in more and more pet supplements, and for good reason: it’s an incredibly rich natural source of nutrients.

This makes hemp seed oil a beneficial addition to a home’s pantry cupboard, and a great way to help your best friend stay healthy.

1.) Hemp oil helps your dog’s skin stay healthy

Hemp oil can be used to help treat sensitive skin, which is fairly common in dogs. You may not realize that your dog’s skin is sensitive to certain substances we come into contact with every day – from detergents and soaps to grass and trees – until it breaks out in a rash.

It’s very important to find the exact cause of the rash, as different substances may require different treatments. But hemp oil can relieve some of your pet’s itching, which will make it easier to diagnose if he continues to have rashes after you stop using whatever caused the problem.

2.) It can lessen allergy symptoms

One of the reasons why hemp oil is gaining popularity for dogs is its ability to reduce allergy symptoms. Dogs are constantly exposed to allergens, whether it be pollen from trees and grass, chemicals in the air, or dangerous pollutants.

The oils and nutrients found in hemp seed oil can help your furry friend cope with these irritants, which may lead to a healthier immune system overall.

3.) Hemp oil helps with joint issues

Senior dogs commonly suffer from joint issues, which can lead to other problems like arthritis, a loss of appetite and energy, and even a change in temperament. Hemp oil can actually help relieve these symptoms, by reducing inflammation in the joints.

This may also help reduce the pain that often accompanies any sort of inflammation.

4.) Hemp oil reduces anxiety issues

Dogs with anxiety find it hard to relax, which is why hemp oil is proving to be very helpful in these situations. It may take longer for hemp oil to work than some other treatments – up to six months in some cases – but the results are worth the wait.

5.) It improves your dog’s coat

Poor nutrition and external irritants can lead to different problems with your pet’s skin and fur, including excessive shedding and a dull coat. While hemp seed oil won’t fix the underlying issue causing these symptoms, it can help maintain a healthy coat.

How do you administer hemp oil to your dog?

As hemp oil is in the form of a supplement, you will need to give it to your dog as per the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. Generally speaking, however, most pet owners find that giving their dog 1 – 2 grams of hemp seed oil per 10 lbs of body weight is an effective dose.

Dogs are most likely to take hemp oil in the form of drops, but it can also be administered by a spoon or by placing a small amount on your dog’s food. As soon as possible, give your dog at least 1 – 2 grams of hemp oil three times daily.

If you’re unsure how much to give your dog, use the dosage suggested by the manufacturer and keep an eye on how they react to it.

How quickly does hemp oil work for dogs?

Hemp oil will normally start to work within 30-45 minutes. However, the time it takes for the oil to start working depends on whether your dog’s metabolism is fast or slow and if you’re treating for pain or anxiety.

Those with faster metabolisms can feel the effects of the hemp oil quicker than others. In fact, for many dogs, hemp oil treats don’t take any longer to work than traditional pain relievers.

How long do the effects of hemp oil last?

Each dose of hemp oil lasts anything from 4-8 hours. The length of time the oil brings relief will depend on both the reason and severity of your dog’s symptoms. Hemp oil treats can bring relief for a significant amount of time and it is one of the few natural, anti-inflammatory products that can provide long-term relief for many dogs.

Side effects of hemp oil for dogs

The side effects of hemp oil for dogs are an important topic and one that needs to be considered prior to administering any kind of hemp oil to your four-legged family member.

It’s very possible that the side effects of hemp oil for humans could be the same as that from dogs due to the fact that dogs have endocannabinoid systems too. But because there is no research specific to cannabis and dogs, it’s vital you keep a close eye out for these side effects.

Also, it is important to note that dog hemp oil products all come in different concentrations so it’s crucial you keep your dog at its proper dosage.

Can hemp oil help dogs with anxiety?

Dogs suffering from anxiety are more likely to experience similar side effects to humans, including lethargy and nausea. However, hemp oil is one of the few natural products that can improve your dog’s appetite.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, you may notice an improvement in their overall health as they consume more food than before.

It’s not uncommon for a dog experiencing severe anxiety to experience a loss of appetite which can lead to it becoming malnourished over time. As hemp oil contains magnesium and fatty acids that help support your pet’s immune system and encourage hair growth, dogs suffering from anxiety will likely benefit from the effects of this product.


In conclusion, hemp oil treats are a safe and natural way to help dogs suffering from the symptoms of arthritis, seizures, anxiety and just general pain.

Hemp oil is considered to be safe for dogs and, due to the fact that they have similar endocannabinoid systems as humans, it’s likely that hemp oil treats will work in much the same way for them.

While you might not be able to end your dog’s arthritis completely or get rid of a seizure disorder easily, you can certainly reduce the frequency and severity of these symptoms using hemp oil.


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