Jack Russell Beagle Mix

jack russell beagel mix

The Jack Russell Beagle mix, or Jack-A-Bee, is a cross between two of the world’s most popular breeds – the Jack Russell Terrier and the Beagle. Both are friendly, playful, and agile dogs who make great family pets. The resulting dog is a lively, energetic crossbreed that’s sure to keep you amused.


The origins of the Jack Russell Beagle mix are uncertain. There is no definitive documentation to prove how the two breeds came together. Some believe that the first Jack-A-Bee was developed in the United States in the 1990s, and has not yet been recognized by the Kennel Club (UK) or American Kennel Club (AKC).

Jack Russell terriers were originally bred to hunt foxes, hare, and other small game. Their intelligence and commitment to their job made them ideal for digging out foxes who hid deep in their underground dens.

These dogs also earned themselves a reputation as excellent ratters, thanks to their fearless nature and intensive hunting instincts.

Beagles are fast, light-footed hounds that originated in France but are now mostly found in Britain. They were originally used as hunting dogs.

Both breeds are extremely intelligent dogs with a strong desire to communicate with humans. They are fast learners that can be trained to obey simple commands and perform tricks.


The Jack Russell Beagle mix is a sturdy, compact dog with a small, pointed muzzle and large, round eyes. Their jaws are powerful enough to break small bones but not so strong as to damage your belongings.

They have short coats that come in a variety of colors, although white and tan is the most common. Their height ranges from 13 to 15 inches, at the shoulder.


The Jack Russell Beagle mix is generally a healthy breed with a life expectancy of anywhere between 12 and 15 years. However, they are prone to certain health problems, especially obesity as a result of their propensity for overeating.

Regular exercise is the best way to keep them fit and remain healthy. Mixes may also inherit various joint problems; hip dysplasia is particularly common in this crossbreed.


This crossbreed is very intelligent and easy to train. They are eager to please and crave human attention. With proper training they learn fast, knowing basic commands such as “sit” and “come.” If you wish to work with them on other tasks, such as agility or obedience, it is best to take professional help.

Socialization activities for this mixed breed are essential in order for them to feel confident in their environment. They can be shy around strangers or in new situations but will feel more secure if they know how to greet people properly and what the proper way of doing so is.

Caring for your Jack-A-Bee

The Jack Russell Beagle mix is a lively, energetic dog that needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They are very active dogs and should be given plenty of room to run around.

This breed tends to bark a lot – so if you’re looking for a quiet dog, this isn’t the right one for you. They make great watchdogs and love to play with children. However, they are still dogs, and won’t hesitate to nip the heels of young children.

It is a good idea to keep them well-exercised or they will find ways to entertain themselves that might not be agreeable with you.

Children And Other Pets

The Jack Russell Beagle mix is friendly with children and other dogs. They are intelligent, energetic, and athletic enough to play with kids for hours on end, but will need steady supervision to prevent accidents from happening.

They also need a lot of attention from their humans – just like their Beagle parents.

They have a strong prey drive and if you don’t keep them well-exercised they might develop some problems. It is also wise to keep them away from smaller pets such as cats or rabbits as they may try to hunt them down.

They are good watchdogs and will defend their home from intruders, although they can’t be relied upon to be as vocal as many other watchdog breeds.

Popular Names for Jack-A-Bees

When deciding on a name for your Jack-A-Bee remember that it’s the first step in the process of training your new pet. You will use this name to address your dog, so make sure that it is short enough that you won’t have any problems saying it quickly and easily.

Of course, you want to pick a name that describes your dog, but it should also be short enough to be as fun as possible while remaining easy to say.

Male Jack-A-Bee Names

1. Jack

Jack is a popular name for a make Jack-A-Bee. It has a traditional ring to it that many people love. The nickname “Jackie” isn’t commonly used, but you can call him that if you like.

2. Buzz

Buzz can be a popular name for Jack-A-Bee. Buzz can come from the last name Buzzard, which is a type of bird.

3. Jake

Jake was once popular as the short form of Jacob, which means God’s strength or the Lord’s strength.

4. Boog

Boog can be a popular name for your Jack-A-Bee. Boog was once used as a short form of boogie, which means to dance. This could be an inspiration for choosing this name, as the Jack Russell Beagle mix has a lot of energy and loves to play. You could also use it as a short form of names such as Boomer and Bogey.

5. Rover

Rover is a fun name that can be used as a short form of other names, such as Robert. This name makes it easy to address your Jack-A-Bee when speaking to him.

Female Jack-A-Bee Names

1. Pippy

If you want to give your female Jack-A-Bee a playful name, you can choose between Pip and Pippa. These names are both short forms of Piper.

2. Lil

Lil can be a fun and playful name for your Jack-A-Bee. The Jack Russell Terrier’s origins in Britain have led to its use as a short form of Lily or Lillian.

3. Peggie

If you want to call your female Jack-A-Bee Peggie, you can choose between Pepper and Piper.

4. Bonnie

Bonnie can be a fun and playful name to call your female Jack-A-Bee using in formal situations when she is around strangers.

5. Stormy

Stormy can be a fun and playful name to call your female Jack-A-Bee. This is another choice that you can use when she is around strangers.


The Jack Russell Beagle mix is a new breed of dog that combines together two breeds for the best attributes from both. Jack Russell Terriers are very intelligent and energetic dogs that excel at hunting, while Beagles are athletic hounds that make loyal companions.

These dogs can learn tricks and perform basic obedience commands. Socialization is essential in order for them to feel secure in their environment and be self-confident around strangers and other pets.

If you want your Jack-A-Bee to be healthy, you should train it regularly so it can stay fit and active.


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