Jack Russel Terrier Personality

jack russell personality

It is undeniable that Jack Russells are a lively canine breed with a number of interesting traits.

These dogs are extremely energetic and dominate their surroundings by barking at everything around them – this is why they require special attention to prevent them from developing strong behavioral issues later in life.

Here are 10 Jack Russell Terrier Personality Traits that you need to be aware of

1. They love the outdoors more than anything else in life

Jack Russell Terriers are always on the move, they love playing with other dogs and enjoying the great outdoors. They make great hiking companions, and they need to be taken outside at least twice a day for a short walk.

2. They are very loyal and devoted to their owners

Jack Russell Terriers are extremely loyal dogs. They have a very powerful bond with their owner, which is why they will do anything possible to keep the owner safe. These canines are also highly devoted to their masters, as they love them unconditionally.

In fact, they are often referred to as the “velcro dog”. This means that if there is any potential danger and the master is not close by, they will stay near their owner.

3. They are very brave and courageous

These dogs do not back down or hesitate in situations that might require courage, as they are courageous and eager to take on any kind of dangerous threat. They possess bravery, courage, and a strong will to protect their owners at any cost.

This makes them one the most fearsome dog breeds out there – most definitely a ‘guard dog’ if needed.

4. They are intelligent and can be trained easily

Jack Russell Terriers are extremely intelligent dogs. They learn very quickly and they love to carry out tasks that will help their owners in some way. These dogs love when their owners give them commands and they need to feel useful, appreciated, and purposeful.

They bond very strongly with the family and the home environment, which is why they are also able to learn how to behave like a guard dog for example. As long as the owner is able to establish a strong relationship with the dog, it will be relatively easy to train them.

5. They are friendly and love attention from their owners

Jack Russell Terriers are very friendly dogs and they love to socialize and get as much attention as possible. They crave the presence of their owner, which is why they make great companions for active individuals who need to be on the move.

These dogs crave attention, so it is important that they get enough exercise during the day and that this is combined with positive feedback to keep them happy. These canines are also known to be very playful at times.

6. They are very energetic and will need lots of exercise

Jack Russell Terriers are extremely energetic dogs. They require daily walks and running around in the yard, which means that they will need at least 45 minutes of consistent exercise every day.

This means that these dogs are not suitable for owners who have jobs where long periods of sitting are required. Jack Russells also require lots of mental stimulation as well as vigorous physical activity to keep them happy – something that can be hard to keep up on during the winter months when it’s not so warm outside.

7. They need to be trained from a young age

These dogs were bred to hunt down smaller animals, so they can hurt very easily. Owners need to make sure that they do not rush their training – it is important that the dog learns respect from an early age onwards, as this will go a long way in preventing any potential accidents of this kind in the future.

It is also important to socialize the dog with other people – this will prevent aggressive behavior towards strangers later on, provided that proper socialization has been carried out from an early age onwards.

8. They can be a little aggressive towards other dogs

This breed is very protective, and it likes to show that it is a superior being by dominating other dogs and even cats. Every Jack Russel Terrier should be trained correctly on how to interact with other dogs – even if this means that the owner needs to go down the road of protection training.

Do not think that you are doing your dog a favor by making him ‘teach’ other dogs his authority – this will often result in their aggression getting out of control very quickly, which will further lead to aggression towards humans instead.

9. They are considered as a great family pet

Jack Russell Terriers can make great family dogs. They are very tolerant and friendly, they bond very strongly with the family, and they are a protective breed. These dogs can occasionally be aggressive towards small children, so it is important that every dog owner gives their kids enough space when possible.

10. They can get separation anxiety

These dogs can get separation anxiety – they need to be taken on long walks every day so that they remain healthy and happy. If you plan on leaving them alone for a couple of hours, it is essential that you leave them with lots of toys and their favorite treat, as this will help keep them occupied while you are away.

You can also get a professional dog trainer to give the dog some ‘distractions’ during your absence, such as playing with another dog or playing the role of a hiker passing by. Anything that will keep the dog occupied is good in this case.

11. They are not a good choice for tiny apartments

Jack Russell Terriers need to be taken out regularly for walks, as they get bored and start doing things that they shouldn’t. If you do not have enough space in your apartment, it is best for you to rent a bigger place.

These dogs love running around outdoors – they get extremely energetic when playing. This means that they will often make a lot of noise and this can be hard on small apartments if there isn’t enough space in order to let them run freely.

12. They can be prone to ear infections and other infections

Jack Russell Terriers are prone to ear infections and other health problems.  If you want to keep your dog healthy, it is best to feed them with high-quality dog food, rich in essential nutrients.

Be sure to inform your vet if you notice any unusual behavior from the dog, as they will be able to help you in case of any health problems.

13. They can be a little too noisy for households where the owners are not home during the day

Jack Russell Terriers are very playful dogs – they enjoy barking and howling at times. This can be a little bit of an issue if you live in a neighborhood full of close neighbors, as these dogs will be hard to stop from making too much noise at times.


One of the most important things to know about Jack Russell Terriers is how energetic they can be. It’s incredibly important to take your dog for lots of walks, as well as play dates with other dogs from time to time.

Whether walking or playing, it will also help your dog to expend energy if you include rigorous activities like chasing or playing fetch like a maniac with him. You’ll need to do this regularly so he can curb his energy level.


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