Jack Russell Terriers vs Parson Russell Terriers

jack russell terriers vs parson russell terriers

The Parson Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier are both small to medium-sized terriers from their native England. They share some common ancestry and were bred for similar traits. Which one is right for you depends on your type of home environment, personal lifestyle, and other factors.

Let’s take a look at the key differences, and similarities, between these two breeds.


The Jack Russell Terrier typically lives between 10 and 16 years, while the Parson Russell Terrier can live anything from 13 to 15 years.

Body Size

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with a short frame that weighs 11 – 17 pounds. They are compact and quick, but can also become overweight if not managed properly. The Parson Russell Terrier has a similar body size as the Jack Russell Terrier, but it is usually heavier at 13 – 17 pounds.


The Parson Russell Terrier is usually the larger breed and has a size range and can grow up to anything from 12 inches to 14 inches tall. The Jack Russell Terrier, however, has a broader size range and can grow up to anything from 10 inches to 15 inches tall.


The Jack Russell Terrier is known for its intense and loyal personality. They love to be active, adventurous, and full of energy. In fact, they are the most energetic terriers you can find and require lots of exercise to remain happy.

The Parson Russell Terrier is an intelligent breed that is devoted to its master but also likes being an independent dog. They can be stubborn at times but make good watchdogs as long as they are trained properly.

The Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic dogs that love to run around a lot. They need plenty of room to move around in so they can expend all of their energy outside. The Parson Russell Terriers are also active but less energetic than Jack Russell Terriers.


The Jack Russell Terrier is more prone to developing certain health conditions. They are also more likely to suffer from other illnesses such as gastric torsion and epilepsy.

Parson Russell Terriers tend to live longer because of the reduced risk of certain diseases such as intestinal issues and kidney failure. However, they are also prone to different diseases, including hypothyroidism and progressive retinal atrophy.


Jack Russell Terriers can be great indoor pets if you have asthma or allergies, but they can still trigger an allergic reaction. They shed hair that can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Parson Russell Terriers are also good dogs to get for people who suffer from asthma and allergies and they don’t shed as much hair as Jack Russell Terriers. Parson Russell Terriers are also not hypoallergenic so they might trigger an allergy attack.


Both breeds of terriers do not require a lot of maintenance. They are easy to groom, and their coats don’t require a lot of grooming. The Parson Russell Terrier’s coat is hard and glossy, but they will need a bit more maintenance than the Jack Russell Terrier.

Both breeds shed year-round but it isn’t as bad as most other dog breeds. Brushing their coats once a week is all that is needed for grooming.

Cost to adopt

The Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier are both good dogs to get for adoption. The difference is that the Jack Russell Terriers are more popular and easier to find. This means you might have to pay a higher adoption fee if you adopt a Parson Russell Terrier.

That said, the cost to adopt a Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier from a reputable breeder is on average $1000.


The Parson Russell Terrier is highly intelligent but also stubborn. They learn new things very quickly but they may also ignore commands that don’t suit their mood or personality.

The Jack Russell Terrier is incredibly intelligent and can easily be trained to perform tricks, at least in comparison to other dog breeds.


The Jack Russell Terrier and the Parson Russell Terrier are both highly sociable and friendly dogs. However, the Parson Russell Terrier is more likely to bark at strangers.

Regardless of their differences in sociability, you need to ensure that your dog gets plenty of socialization to build their confidence up. This will help them get along well with other people, pets, and animals.

Family dogs

Both Jack Russell Terriers and Parson Russell Terriers make great family pets. They get along well with children and other pets, and they love spending time with their families. However, you need to socialize them as puppies to ensure that they get along well with children.

Both breeds can make for great house dogs as long as they live within an active household. They need lots of attention from their owners and plenty of room to play around in the outdoors.


Both breeds are extremely active and need to be on a diet that is nutritionally balanced. They will need extra nutritional supplements, including vitamins and minerals unless they are fed a special diet.

You can feed both of the terriers with dry dog food as long as it is formulated just for them. Make sure to mix the dry dog food with some canned or raw dog food that contains meat and vegetables because these will help them stay healthy.


When choosing between a Parson Russell Terrier and a Jack Russel Terrier, the main thing to consider is the personality of the dog. Both are loyal, intelligent, and energetic dogs that can be very good companions.

However, each has its own unique personality traits that you will want to take into consideration when adopting them.


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