Why Does My Jack Russell Lick Me So Much?

why does my jack russell lick me so much

You’ve been gone for a few hours and you return home, or you have just woken up. Your Jack Russell runs to you and starts licking you all over. While most people don’t mind this, it can sometimes be a little too much and you might not be sure why they are lapping away at your face.

Let’s explore a few reasons why your furry friend might be licking you.

Why Does My Jack Russell Lick Me So Much?

Jack Russells are a very affectionate breed and they have a strong desire to please their owners. They are constantly looking for attention from their people. A Jack Russell may start licking an owner as a sign of love, but it can also happen out of insecurity or anxiety. They lick when they want something because they know that this usually gets the owner’s attention, which is what they want.

Why Do Jack Russells Lick Your Face?

We’ve all been there: you wake up in the morning, walk into your bedroom, and see a ball of fur on the bed. You greet them with love…and then they lick your face. Jack Russells have a habit of licking people’s faces as greeting rituals and it can be very distracting to those who are not expecting it.

What Does It Mean When A Jack Russell Licks Your Hand Constantly?

A Jack Russell Terrier’s personality is something that may not be taken lightly. It will have many of the same traits as a larger dog and most people will tell you that they are very intelligent animals.

They are also known to be very obedient and affectionate with their owners, but they can range from being playful to being standoffish depending on the individual dog.

The thing about these dogs is that they love attention, so if your pet wants something, it can often take a licking action to communicate this to you-but even then there may be other signs such as panting or whining which would also indicate this desire.

Do Jack Russells Pick A Favorite Person?

Jack Russells are known to be very lovable and they love their owners dearly. Like most dogs, it is likely that Jack Russells have a favorite person in their home. In fact, some of these dogs will even show a preference for one person over another.

Why Does My Jack Russell Lick Me Before Exercise?

Some dog owners have found that their Jack Russells lick them before exercise. This is a sign of encouragement and excitement on the part of the dog, which may also wag its tail or bark. Licking is usually the first thing they do when they see their owner getting ready to take them for a walk or go for a jog.

How Can I Stop My Jack Russell from Licking Me?

While most Jack Russell owners don’t mind their furry friend licking them, for others this might not be the case. If you don’t like your Jack Russell licking you, then there are a few things that you can try to discourage this behavior.

1.) Ignore the licking at first

Do not acknowledge it, but instead change your facial expression so your furry friend knows that he is doing something wrong. This will show them that you don’t like it and it will discourage them from continuing the behavior.

2.) Physically restrain your dog

If you choose to use physical methods then be sure to be gentle. Try to place your hand over his muzzle and push it slightly. This will give your dog a message that you want him to stop and that the licking is not appropriate.

3.) Distract him by offering a treat

While this is not likely to stop the behavior entirely, it might be enough to distract him long enough so you can get your point across. Give your dog a treat if wants to lick you, but don’t reward him with the treat if he continues as this will only encourage him.

4.) Teach him with a command word

If your dog will obey a command then you can use it as a reprimand. For example, some people might use the word “off” to tell their Jack Russell to stop licking them.

5.) Walk away

If your Jack Russell starts to lick you, then you can just walk away from them in the beginning. Just be sure to avoid eye contact with them at first and get out of their space so that they know that their behavior is unwanted.

6.) Take him for a walk

Jack Russells are usually very energetic and they will need a lot of exercise. If he starts to lick you, take him for a walk around the block or play with him in the yard for a while. This will help to clear his head and prevent him from having an overwhelming urge to lick you.

7.) Spray bitters on your skin

Another option to try is to spray bitters on your skin. These are available over the counter in many pet stores and they will help to deter your Jack Russell Terrier from licking you.


Jack Russells lick their owners to show affection and submission. It can happen out of insecurity or anxiety and may be as simple as wanting something from you, like a pat on the head or a treat.

If your Jack Russell is licking you excessively, be sure to observe if they change the type of licking depending on who they have in front of them.

Jack Russell are social animals and have an innate need for interaction with humans. They are constantly looking for attention from their owners and may start licking them as a sign of submission or affection. It might even be your dog who wants some attention from you after a long day at work.

If you don’t like your Jack Russell licking you, and you want to discourage this type of behavior, then follow the step mentioned earlier.


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