Why Does My Jack Russell Pee So Much?

Why Does My Jack Russell Pee So Much?

I have 3 adult Jack Russells and 2 of them have relatively good bladder control. However, Charlie, my oldest Jack Russell, can’t control her bladder as good and I’ve noticed that she sometimes pees a lot.

So that got me thinking, why does my Jack Russell pee so much? Is there something wrong?

Join me as I dig deeper into this topic.

Why Does My Jack Russell Pee So Much?

Your Jack Russell is peeing so much because he is frightened, anxious, or he is being verbally scolded. This type of behavior is referred to as submissive urination. He can also pee when he is simply excited about seeing another pet or a familiar human companion, and this is referred to as excitement urination. Younger Jack Russells tend to pee more in situations like this because they have a weaker bladder when compared to adult Jack Russells.

How Often Should A Jack Russell Urinate?

A healthy adult Jack Russell will urinate at least 3 to 5 times a day, and this is important to remember especially when you are taking your pup on a road trip. It is recommended that your Jack Russell go no more than 6 to 8 hours without relieving himself, so make sure that you stop frequently so that your furry friend can urinate.

How Do I Get My Jack Russell To Stop Peeing In The House?

I’ve had problems with my Jack Russells peeing in the house for ages. Luckily, I found a few ways to stop this unwanted behavior, and you can use the following tips to stop your own Jack Russell from peeing in your house.

1.) Give Him Enough Exercise

A Jack Russell who gets enough exercise is a happy and healthy Jack Russell. Giving your pup frequent exercise will make sure that he does not get anxious and pee inside the house. Being outside also means that he can empty his bladder whenever he wants to.

2.) Don’t Yell At Him

If your Jack Russell pees inside your house, do not yell at him. As mentioned earlier, if you verbally scold your pup he might start to pee because he gets frightened.

3.) Make Sure He Can Go Outside To Pee

This may be an obvious one, but if your Jack Russell can’t go outside, he will pee in the house. I normally leave the backdoor open so that my furry friends can go pee outside whenever they want to.

However, if you can’t let your furry friend walk outside by himself, make sure that you take him outside regularly. As mentioned, he should urinate at least 3 to 5 times per day.

4.) Reward Him If He Pees Outside

Jack Russells just love to please their owners, so if you let him know that what he just did is amazing, then he will more than likely do it again. If your pup pees outside, reward him with a treat or a belly rub.

5.) Clean Up Properly

I’ve had this problem with my Jack Russells for ages. If they smell urine inside the house then they will think it is ok to pee inside the house. So, if your pup peed inside the house, make sure that you clean it up properly with an enzymatic cleaner.

6.) Crate Train Your Jack Russell

Crate training is very useful when trying to get your Jack Russell to stop peeing in the house, especially during the night. It is not always possible for us to take our pups outside during the night, so having them in a crate while you’re sleeping will ensure that they don’t pee in the house.

Dogs, in general, don’t like to sleep or lie down close to where they urinated, so they won’t pee inside a crate.


As you can see, there are a few reasons why your Jack Russell is peeing so much. Sometimes they will pee when they get frightened, and sometimes they will pee when they get excited.

This type of behavior is more common with puppies because they have a weaker bladder, but it can happen with adult Jack Russells too. Aging Jack Russells can also display this type of behavior because old age can bring on other causes of urinary accidents.

If your pup is peeing inside the house, follow the tips I mentioned above. With patience, you will get him to always pee outside.


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