Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

I was preparing a meal in the kitchen the other day, and as usual, my 3 dogs were standing next to me keeping a close eye on what I was doing.

As I was washing the cherry tomatoes that I got from my garden, I was wondering if dogs can eat cherry tomatoes. Do they have any health benefits?

Yes, dogs can eat ripe cherry tomatoes that have the stems, leaves, and vines removed, in moderation. Cherry tomatoes share the same health benefits as normal tomatoes, and they help promote a healthy digestive system, help fight chronic diseases such as heart disease, and they promote strong bones in dogs.

Please note though that dogs should not eat the green parts of cherry tomatoes, and this includes the leaves, stems, and vines. These green parts contain solanine which is toxic to dogs when consumed in large quantities.

This is very important if you grow cherry tomatoes in your garden because your furry friends might eat the ones that have fallen to the ground. It would be best to have a small fence around the tomatoes, or if your dog is easily trained, make sure that he knows not to go near the cherry tomatoes.

The Benefits Of Giving Your Dog Cherry Tomatoes

If you let your dog eat cherry tomatoes as an occasional snack, then it will have the following benefits on his health:

Promotes A Healthy Digestive System

Cherry tomatoes are rich in fiber and this promotes a healthy digestive system. Be careful though not to feed your dog too many cherry tomatoes as this can cause him to get an upset stomach.

Helps To Fight Chronic Diseases

Cherry tomatoes contain Lycopene and this aids in the fight against chronic diseases such as heart disease in dogs.

Maintains Good Eyesight

Cherry tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, and this is very good for your dog’s eyesight.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Vitamin C is also present in cherry tomatoes, and this helps to give your furry friend a healthy skin.

What Are The Signs Of Tomato Poisoning In Dogs?

It is not always possible to keep a close eye on our furry friends, and sometimes, they get up to no good and eat things that they are not supposed to eat.

When this happens, your dog might start to feel ill and he can display the following signs of tomato poisoning:

  • Abnormal Heart Rate
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal Upset
  • Vomiting

If you suspect that your dog has eaten unripened cherry tomatoes, or the leaves, stems, or vines, then you need to get in touch with a vet immediately.

Also, if you see that your dog is coughing, sneezing, or having problems breathing after eating a cherry tomato then he might be allergic to tomatoes. If this is the case, call your vet immediately.

Preparing Cherry Tomatoes For Your Dog

If you decide to give cherry tomatoes to your dog, make sure that it is ripe and that the leaves, stems, and vines are completely removed. Wash them off thoroughly and make sure that they are free of pesticides and herbicides. These can make your dog very sick, so this step is important.

Avoid additives such as salt, onion, garlic, or any spices as these can be harmful to your dog when not consumed in moderation.

You can also cook the cherry tomatoes, but once again, refrain from using any additives such as salt.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can safely eat ripe red tomatoes as an occasional treat because they are very beneficial to your dog’s health and are known to help fight chronic diseases such as heart disease in dogs.

However, dogs should never be fed tomatoes that are not ripe, and they should never be fed tomato leaves, stems, and vines as these contain a chemical called alpha-tomatine which is toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce?

Dogs should not eat tomato sauce because it often contains several ingredients that are toxic to dogs when consumed in large quantities.

These ingredients include onions, chives, and garlic which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain in dogs.


Cherry tomatoes are actually quite healthy for dogs to eat. But take care not to feed your dog cherry tomatoes that are not ripe, and also make sure that the leaves, stems, and vines are removed because they can be toxic to your dog when consumed in large quantities.

As with other human food, moderation is key when letting your dog eat cherry tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes still contain a small amount of solanine, and this can still cause health problems with your dog when consumed in large quantities.


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