How Much Exercise Does A Jack Russell Need?

How Much Exercise Does A Jack Russell Need?

It’s no secret that Jack Russells are hyper and energetic little creatures with so much personality. It is also well known that they need exercise to get rid of all that pent-up energy.

I’ve been wondering though, exactly how much exercise does a Jack Russell need? And what activities will give them the correct amount of exercise that they need?

Join me as I take a look.

How Much Exercise Does A Jack Russell Need?

A Jack Russell of 12 months of age or older needs at least 60 minutes of exercise per day to keep happy and healthy. Typically, a Jack Russell puppy of 3 months of age should get at least 15 minutes of exercise per day to start off with, and this should be increased gradually over time as the puppy gets older. Keep in mind that adequate exercise is crucial for Jack Russells to be happy and healthy, and they will easily get bored if they don’t get the exercise that they need.

How To Give A Jack Russell Exercise

how to keep your jack russell busy

Luckily, Jack Russells have a very active nature and they love taking part in what we humans will do for exercise as well.

So after some consideration, here are some of the great things that you and your Jack Russell can do together.

1.) Go For A Walk

Like just about any dog, a Jack Russell will enjoy taking walks. There are a few things that you will need to do in order to make sure that the walk is fun for you and your dog.

Always keep your dog on a leash or in a harness – unless you are in an area that is designated as being okay for dogs to be off-leash – and train him or her to walk by your side. This not only keeps the dog safe but also keeps people and other animals safer as well.

Walk them regularly every day, preferably at the same time each day in order to make it part of their schedule.

2.) Go For A Run

Jack Russells make amazing running partners and they love to run. This is a great benefit if you also like running because you can take your pup with you for a run. You will be surprised at how much your pup can keep up with your pace.

3.) Training

A Jack Russell will thrive in a training environment. As long as you can make them feel like they are a part of the process, they will enjoy following your commands and doing tricks for you.

Start off with basic commands such as sit, stay, and down. Once they have mastered these commands in a quiet setting, you can then start to add distractions to really make it interesting for both of you.

Add some distance between yourself and the dog and see how far you can get him or her to listen.

4.) Play Hide and Seek

This is a great game for any breed of dog. Simply hide behind a door or under a chair and let your dog come find you.

You can even hide from him or her behind the door or under the chair as well to really get the full experience.

This will not only help to teach them how to be more observant, but it will also build their confidence levels and help them to feel more secure with themselves.

5.) Play Tug of War

Tug of war is an excellent way to build up your dog’s muscles and keep them from getting bored. This is a good game to play during the winter when it is too cold for them to go outside.

6.) Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game for just about any breed of dog. You can find items around the house or even buy new things specifically for this game and spread them throughout your house or yard.

7.) Go For A Swim

Many breeds of dogs love the water whether it be a pool, a lake, or even just a bathtub. This will help to keep your Jack Russell busy on hot days and will also be a good way to help them relieve any excess energy that they may have built up.

8.) Play Chase

Chase is one of the most fun games that you can play with your Jack Russell. To play, all you have to do is show your dog a toy or something else that he or she would like to chase and then run away from him or her.

As long as you do not make eye contact and run away from them, they will continue chasing the item until they can no longer continue because of exhaustion.

9.) Play Fetch

This is a fun game that you can play with small dog toys such as a tennis ball or a Frisbee. Simply throw the toy into the water for your Jack Russell to chase it, retrieve it, and play with it – or throw it out again for him or her to retrieve again.

10.) Go For A Hike

This is a great outdoor activity that you and your Jack Russell can enjoy together. Make sure that you wear proper hiking attire as well as bring water for yourself and your dog to drink as it can become very hot during the summer months.

11.) Take A Drive

Jack Russells enjoy riding in the car. This can be a great way to keep them occupied while you are driving around or running errands. Make sure that you bring along some of their favorite toys and also make sure to have a dog car seat ready so that they are safe and comfy.

12.) Play with A Toy

Just about any toy will work as long as you properly train your dog to play with it. You can also use this game to teach some basic obedience commands as well.

13.) Take A Vacation

After the end of the summer months, take a vacation somewhere fun for you and your Jack Russell. Pack up stuff for both of you and check out new places together. This will be a great bonding experience that they will always remember fondly.

14.) Invite A Companion Over

Luckily, Jack Russells can get along with other dogs. This is a great way to get your dog some company as well as have your Jack Russell socialize with other dogs. You can do this with a friend’s dog or even go to the local dog park and play with other Jack Russells.

15.) Grooming Time

One of the best ways to keep them occupied is to brush them because this helps to remove any excess hair and tangles. It will also keep your Jack Russell healthy and clean.


As you can see, Jack Russells require a fair amount of exercise per day to keep healthy and to be happy. I can’t tell you how many times I was able to solve an issue with my Jack Russells just by giving them the correct amount of exercise.

If they don’t get exercise then they tend to get bored, and this can lead to them displaying destructive behavior.

Hopefully, now you should have a good idea of the types of activities that you can do with your furry friend to make sure he gets enough exercise.


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