How To Stop Your Jack Russell From Digging

how to stop your jack russell from digging

A lot of dogs like to dig and create holes; whether that’s to claim their territory or just because they’re bored.

Jack Russells are no different.

They are known for being avid diggers and like to create horizontal tunnels so they can get under something quick, such as your lawn furniture or sprinkler.

Another reason why your Jack Russell might be digging is that he’s bored if you aren’t giving him enough mental stimulation.

Why is my Jack Russell digging?

Your Jack Russell may be digging because he is bored, looking for attention, scared, or hunting a small animal. Jack Russell Terriers have a tendency to dig or are prone to digging. When they’re young, they’ll often dig as a form of exercise because they were never taught there are better ways to burn energy than to dig. It is thanks to their natural energy and desire to hunt that they are great hunting dogs and working dogs in general.

Do Jack Russells like to dig?

Yes, Jack Russells like to dig. It isn’t that your Jack Russell is trying to annoy you or make your life a living hell. It is their natural instinct to dig and create holes with ease. They are perfect for hunting rabbits, badgers, and other burrowing animals.

How do I stop my Jack Russell from digging?

There are a number of reasons why Jack Russell’s dig. It is important to learn these reasons in order to address underlying problems. If not, your dog may continue digging and digging which can damage your yard or cause other issues in your neighborhood.

Let’s have a look at a few ways you can stop your Jack Russell from digging.

1.) Give him more exercise

This is the most common reason for digging. If your Jack Russell isn’t getting enough exercise, he’ll ping pong around your house until he feels tired out. Dogs need to get out of the house and play on a regular basis, or they can become destructive or bored.

If your Jack Russell is digging even after you give him more exercise, then there may be another reason why he is digging.

2.) Give him toys to play with

Dogs, like humans, need to be stimulated and entertained. If your Jack Russell has plenty of toys to play with but is not getting them from you, then try to get him his own toys. You can even crate train your dog and give him his own kennel where he can hang out when you aren’t home.

3.) Don’t leave him in the yard alone

If your Jack Russell can’t have fun outside alone then he’ll want to dig and cause other problems. Some people think that their dog can sit outside in the yard by itself without causing too much damage.

This is hardly the case with Jack Russells; they are very curious and if they smell something or hear something, they’ll follow that scent or sound right to it. Then, they start digging and before you know it there is a giant hole in your yard!

4.) Get a dog fence

If there are still problems then you may need to get a dog fence. This will keep your Jack Russell safe and it will stop him from digging up the house or yard.

5.) Use a deterrent

Use a deterrent for dogs who like to dig up your yard. You simply lay the deterrent in your dog’s digging area and set it off by spraying. It remains in an area for about 24 hours and then takes effect on a 24-hour timer.

6.) Correct your Jack Russell

Your Jack Russell will get away with digging if he’s not corrected. If you can’t be home to supervise your Jack Russell then he will find a way to dig up the yard. This is why it is important to train your dog and correct him when they are digging.

7.) Create a designated dig zone

A dig zone is a place in your yard that your Jack Russell can dig without causing any damage. This is a great way to keep your dog satisfied and to have a place where they can play with their toys.

8.) Make use of your sprinkler system

It is important to exhaust your Jack Russell so he doesn’t have the energy to do something like digging. This is why you should make use of your sprinkler system and turn it on during the day. Of course, your Jack Russell can’t play in the water but just the sound and presence of running water will keep him busy enough.

Do Jack Russells Like to Burrow?

Yes, Jack Russells like to burrow. Burrowing is behavior they look forward to and will burrow or dig if given the opportunities because it means fun. They have the innate desire to do things associated with burrowing such as digging out of boredom, based on prey drive and game drive, and want to simply do things that bring them enjoyment.

Why does my Jack Russell burrow under the covers?

Many dog breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers love burrowing under the covers for various reasons. The main reason is that they love to snuggle up next to you and just want to be with you because ultimately, they love you and this is a way for them to express that love towards you.

Why do Jack Russells hide things?

Jack Russells are very social dogs and like to make friends with everybody. But if you own a Jack Russell, chances are that this dog is trying to make friends with your personal belongings.

If your pet started to bury or hide your things it most probably means that he is hungry for attention and wants you to take notice and spend more time doing something fun together.


There are many reasons why a Jack Russell will dig. The most common reason is to have fun and burn off some energy. However, if your Jack Russell isn’t getting enough exercise, then he’ll start digging up your yard.

It is important to address these underlying problems in order to stop your Jack Russell from digging. If not, they will dig everywhere, including inside your home!.


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