Why Does My Jack Russell Hide Things?

Why Does My Jack Russell Hide Things?

There is a bowl of dry dog food in the kitchen so that my Jack Russells can nibble on something during the day. I’ve often noticed that one of them, Nestle, will often take a few pellets in her mouth and walk off with them and hide them.

Other times she would randomly take one of my socks and walk off with it.

I’ve found this type of behavior to be quite cute and peculiar, and it made me wonder why my Jack Russell is hiding things.

I did some research, and this is what I discovered.

Why Does My Jack Russell Hide Things?

Jack Russells have an instinct for hiding things, but there are a few reasons why your Jack Russell is hiding things. If he is hiding food then it is a sign that he is saving it for later and wants to protect it from being eaten by someone else. If he is hiding other items such as clothing then it can indicate that he has underlying stress or anxiety issues, or he is simply trying to prevent it from being taken by other dogs or pets in your house. Because Jack Russells need regular exercise, they can get bored and start to hide things if they don’t get their daily exercise.

How To Stop Your Jack Russell From Hiding Things

If your Jack Russell keeps on hiding things and this is becoming a problem for you, then there are a few things that you can try to discourage this type of behavior.

Make sure he gets regular exercise

Giving your Jack Russell regular exercise does not only keep him healthy, but it can also prevent him from getting bored and hiding things.

Teach him to return things

Jack Russells are very intelligent and they are easy to train, so teach your pup to return things after he has taken them. When he returns the item that he has stolen, reward him with a treat.

Store items properly

I’m guilty of leaving items such as socks lying around, and this makes it easier for my Jack Russell to steal it and hide it. Make sure that you pack away any items that your pup might take.

Make sure he has access to his toys

If your pup does not have access to his toys, he will find something else to play with. This can often be an item that you left lying on the ground. Make sure that he has access to his favorite toys at all times.

Don’t give him too many toys

If your pup has too many toys then he might hide some of them in an attempt to make sure that nobody takes them. Make sure that you don’t give your furry friend too many toys.

Teach him new tricks

Just as with regular exercise, teaching your Jack Russell new tricks will provide him with the mental stimulation that he needs. This will be fun for both you and your pup, and it will keep him from getting bored. It will also encourage him to listen to you, which will be helpful when you have to teach him not to hide things.

I don’t recommend that you shout or get angry at your Jack Russell when he hides food or any other items. After all, it is in their nature to do so.

If you make a scene you will only create more stress for your pup, and as mentioned earlier, he might display this type of behavior when he is anxious or stressed. Rather try one of the tips mentioned above and always use positive reinforcement when he returns a stolen item.


It is in their nature to hide things, but there are a few specific reasons why Jack Russells display this type of behavior.

They might be trying to preserve food, it might be because they are anxious or stressed, or they might simply just be bored.

I find it very cute when my Jack Russell walks off with a sock that I left lying on the ground. It’s usually easy to find again because Nestle, my Jack Russell, is not very good at hiding things.

But if it becomes a problem for you then you can follow the tips I mentioned above.


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