Is A Male Or Female Jack Russell Better?

Is A Male Or Female Jack Russell Better?

A male or female Jack Russell Terrier, what will it be?

It’s not a question that immediately springs to mind when choosing a puppy, as many owners are completely unaware of the differences and benefits of each.

Over time we build our knowledge and it helps us understand what to look for. Not all male Jack Russell or females are the same, just like with humans.

I have provided a few points below to begin your conversation or in aiding your choice of selecting one gender over the other.

As a rule, the perfect dog, like a diamond in its cut and clarity of color, has both opposite characteristics. Male and female dogs, for example, are distinguished by certain distinctive features of the nature and behavior of each sex.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of both male and female Jack Russells.

Characteristics of a male Jack Russell

More Active

Males are more active and energetic than females, however, this vigor can sometimes be overwhelming. Male dogs need to be walked often or in a fenced yard for exercise. If they don’t get enough exercise they will become frustrated and destructive.

More Dominant

A male Jack Russell may try to challenge new partners or other pets on his territory if he feels his dominance is challenged in any way. This behavior can lead to an increase in aggression and fights if not monitored correctly by the owner.

More Aggressive

Male Jack Russells are more aggressive than females. Because of their nature to be dominant, they may feel the need to take over in many ways, such as during feeding time at the dinner table. A male will also display this behavior around other male dogs.

More Sturdy and Stronger

A male Jack Russell is slightly sturdier and stronger than a female. This is due to their muscles and bones being larger. This can be positive or negative depending on the owner’s preference.

More Sociable

Male Jack Russells are more sociable than females. They form attachments more easily and can bond with people in the household easier.

More Vulnerable

Male Jack Russells can be more vulnerable to illness and disease than females. This is due to their body not being able to fight off viruses as easily as the female Jack Russells.

More Excitable

Male Jack Russells will become more excitable and anxious when left alone for long periods of time. This can lead a male to become destructive when trying to avoid the anxiety they are experiencing.

Characteristics of a female Jack Russell

More Affectionate

Females are more affectionate and loyal than their male counterparts. They tend to be very protective of the family and can be a great companion.

More Submissive

Females are more submissive than males. They don’t require as much exercise as male dogs and tend to not challenge other pets that they live with. They love to lay down on the couch all day.

More Independent

Female Jack Russells are more independent than their male counterpart. This means that you don’t need to worry about them getting jealous when spending time with other dogs or in a multiple pet household where they might feel left out at times.

More Adaptable

Female Jack Russells are extremely adaptable and can adjust to their environment easier than males. A female won’t be as concerned if they spend time alone or with other animals. They are also less likely to experience excessive anxiety when left alone for long periods of time.

More Patient

Female Jack Russells have more patience than males and will not try to bully and take food or toys away from other animals in the household. It’s also important to note that females are more willing to share food with other dogs in the house, whereas male Jack Russells tend to eat separately.

I already have a male Jack Russell, what should I do?

Get a female Jack Russell. Yes, you read that correctly, get a female Jack. This will eliminate all the negatives of having a male. Once your dog has a female companion he will be much more balanced and you don’t have to worry about any dominance issues between the two.

I already have a female Jack Russell, what should I do?

Get a male Jack Russell. Yes, you also read that correctly. Just like with the females, get a male Jack Russell. Once these dogs are together it will balance both of them out and you won’t have to worry about the behaviors that come from having one sex over another. This can be a win-win situation and have your female Jack Russell become less territorial and more affectionate.

Is a Jack Russell a good family dog?

If you are considering a dog breed suited to children, then the Jack Russell is an ideal choice. These dogs love to play and have fun. They are also very intelligent, so will quickly learn any tricks or commands that you teach them.

They get on well with other dogs and pets in the household but can be a little feisty when playing with other dogs. They may also try to chase smaller pets like rabbits or squirrels if they have not been socialised correctly as puppies.

When it comes to little humans, they (especially male Jack Russells) adore playing and being around children of all ages.


It is ultimately up to you to decide which characteristics are more important for your new friend.

For example, if you have other pets in the house and are looking for a dog that can share food or toys without any drama then a female would be best for you.

Looking at it from another perspective, if it’s just you and your Jack Russell Terrier, then a male will be the perfect companion for you as they love to receive attention from their humans.

However, if you’re often out at work all day then perhaps selecting a female would be best as she won’t need as much exercise.


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