Are Jack Russells Good With Cats?

Cats and dogs can be the best of friends. There are many cute or funny pictures to prove it on the Internet. However, you might still be wondering whether you should bring a Jack Russell into the family if you already own a cat.

Are Jack Russells good with cats?

Yes, Jack Russells can be good with cats, but the answer to this question depends on the age and personality of the dog in question. If you have a young and excitable Jack Russell who has never met a cat in his life, chances are that it would be a very bad idea to leave the two of them alone together. A Jack Russell at this age will be much too excitable to be able to control himself around cats.

On the other hand, if you have an older and calmer Jack Russell, then leaving him alone with your cat would not be such a bad idea at all. It would actually depend on how well the two are used to each other. If they are very well known to each other, then it should be fine to leave them together.

How do you introduce a Jack Russell to a cat?

Thoroughly introduce your pet dog and cat early on in their lives, they must become closely acquainted. This prevents the dog from being aggressive to the cats later on because of its bad experiences with cats in the past.

Let’s have a look at a few things you need to keep in mind when introducing your Jack Russell to a cat.

1. Introduce them slowly

If neither of them is dominant, they will both probably be willing to share their space with one another. If you find that they are getting too excited, then separate them for a while and try again later.

2. Manage the environment

The living space of your dog will need to be a space that allows him to be in control of the situation. Try to keep your cat away from the room where your dog is, especially if he is still not used to its presence.

3. Socialization

Jack Russells need to be socialized from the earliest age. A lack of interaction with other animals and people means that your puppy will be potentially aggressive later in life.

4. Use a Leash

A leash is a great tool for making sure that if you bring these two together, both of them stay in one place and don’t end up chasing each other around all over the house.

5. Keep his Toys nearby

Toys are the best way to keep your dog occupied for a few hours at a time. This will also help to keep your cats out of mischief around your dog.

6. Be Patient

Jack Russells and cats are both very independent animals which means that it will take some time for them to become friends. Be patient but persistent with your dog, he will come around to the idea of sharing his space with his new friend eventually.

7. Keep an eye on them

Make sure that you keep an eye on the two of them when they are around each other. If they seem like they are getting too excited, then quickly separate them and try again later.

8. Don’t force it

If your dog is getting a little too excited around your cat, don’t force him to interact with it. You may damage his confidence in the future and also make him aggressive towards other animals in the future.

9. Don’t be afraid to isolate them for a short period of time

If you find that your Jack Russell is being too excitable around your cat, then isolation could be beneficial to both of you at this stage.

Can a Jack Russell live with a cat?

A Jack Russell is a small dog with a rather large personality. A Jack Russell can live with a cat but this will depend on the age and personality of your dog. If you have an old and calm dog, then it would be fine to leave him alone with your cat for short periods at a time.

However, if you have an excitable puppy, then it would be best to keep your cat away from him for a few days or weeks. At this stage, your puppy needs to learn that he can live without his new friend and also learn how to control his energy around other animals.

Do Jack Russells hate cats?

Jack Russells do not hate cats, they just are not considered to be the ideal pet dog for them. That doesn’t mean that it is a terrible idea to bring your Jack Russell into the family if you already own a cat, it just means that you need to give both of them plenty of time together before you let them be alone with each other.

Remember that cats can also be very excitable and active animals, they might accidentally knock over your Jack Russell at some point. However, if the two of them have grown up together and are used to sharing the same space, there shouldn’t be any problems in the future.


With a few training techniques, some patience, and a little bit of understanding of how both dogs and cats work, you should be able to make your pet dog interact with your cat.

In fact, Jack Russells aren’t the only dogs that can get along well with cats. A number of other breeds such as Dalmatians and Springer Spaniels are also known to be good around cats. There is nothing that says that Jack Russells are not good with cats. It was all in the hands of the owner to train them properly.